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A short retro styled horrorgame. 

Check out this amazing collaborator: @EylenboschMaxim

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsHorror, Multiple Endings, noise, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Unity, vhs
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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The game is good. I like picture pixel games. The development of games is good!

It was fun :D



Played your game recently on my channel! And the title has nothing to do with your game wasting my time lol I wasted my own because I spent FOREVER looking for that last plank haha. Great game!


Quite enjoyed it! I love when a game has some secrets to figure out. =]

There very well be a bug in your game! I was watching tv in the prologue and after like 5 minutes of watching the sound cut out!

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I am aware of this! It was the only royalty free footage I could find of vintage movies.. So I took it anyway and implemented it... So it's not actually a bug ;) The original video has the same audio problem..

Oh okay, cool.


Made a sweet thumbnail for this spooky game!

I Loooove the thumbnail! Nice work!

Thank You, I wanna make my channel pop! I do appreciate you checking it out.


(Your game(s) are first in the video)

Well, this was a cool little idea - definitely much appreciate the aspect of not going for the most obvious solution. That said, I feel like there are little details tat make it a bit more frustrating to figure out the actual solution than needed be - there needs to be a one or two more direct hints, maybe dialogue boxes if you interact with certain things, and something being more readily visible after being triggered - but other than that, very interesting.

The prologue I actually found much more engaging due to how completely strange it is, and only raises more questions. Very cool stuff!


The worst shivers I have ever had in my life!!!

thanks for playing!


Thank you for making this game!


I was not expecting the T.V. to start screaming at me. lol. Fun game. 


Not a bad game but I would have liked the game to be at the very least be a bit brighter. Also my voice certainly hates me now.
If you wanna see it for yourself. Then be my guest.

This game was fun, and got me with sum jumpscares, which I hate since it was the same jumpscare 😂😭😭 nevertheless, a good game!

That jumpscare tho.....


This game had an amazing style and I was too dumb to find the alternate ending but it was really good! Even got me a few times haha

Thanks for playing!


Pretty spooky but I wish there was a little more gameplay. 


Nice game.


Good Game, should have realized where the key was hidden a lot sooner but other than that, really good

Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoyed it!


Pretty creepy and a lot of fun trying to discover how to actually protect yourself. Also looking forward to the code reveal 😊

Thanks for playing! Stay tuned for an update about the code ;)


Nice game. I couldn't for the life of me figure out the secrets.


Gave it a go...


This was a neat little game and I enoyed it. I definitely wasn't going to miss the opputunity to get both endings. I'll leave my gameplay below if you're interested.

Thanks for playing!


Them JUMPSCARES got me all the way through lol

I think I found all the secrets so far..

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Here's my gameplay of it,this was a good little horror  and i really liked the retro graphics,i also got the good ending.


Fun Little Game

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick


Completely left me in the dark there ( lol ) but you can't hide your secrets from me! Survived some, died some, but in the end I found what I think is the true ending!

YOUTUBER: Maya, The Bubble E1


Hey dude! Great job! I loved the game. I couldn't get the good ending but that's not important the game was amazing still. 

I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy. Keep the good work dude!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!


I tried to get the good ending but I couldn't figure out how to. The map was small enough but man it's difficult. I took the bad ending instead.

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getting the bad ending easy getting the good one super hard lmao  

Daandevdude what does the code mean in the tv??


I first thought that this was a straight forward game... until I was hit with this huge mystery I couldn't solve lol. However, I did manage to get the "Good Ending". So that's good




Got the supposed 'true ending' but I'm gonna believe my theory on what the numbers mean is true

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you found the right ending! :D

Hullo Daan, do you have an e-mail address I could message you at? I'd like to ask you about maybe commissioning something from you.

Or feel free to send me a dm on Twitter @LumpyTouch


I loved the locale and feeling of isolation in Boogeyman! Together with the music, the game truly succeeds in being authentically scary! About the only criticism I really have is that the planks are hard to see. But I love the visuals, so I wouldn’t change them for anything. 

Thanks for playing!


I enjoyed this game a lot, and I love the whole Boogeyman monster. Really, I love this game.

Here is my gameplay. 


Thanks for playing! I enjoyed watching the gameplay!


This was really good! I wish there were other areas to explore, but this is still great as it is! I had fun with this! Here's my playthrough:


Thanks for playing!

Mine is darker than black, anyway to adjust the brightness?

Strange.. On my monitor, it's actually still pretty visible. Have you tried to adjust the brightness of your monitor/Laptop? It was intentional to make the game pretty dark though..

yup its very strange, tried everything, but its really really dark. All other games are fine to me.


Thanks for the fun :D Still looking for my bunk buddy....

Thanks for playing! I apreciate it!


WOW I love this game for real please make more and make it longer, I would love to play more , keep me in mind if you do make more thanks for the game

Thanks for playing! Will do!


Poor unnamed protagonist, all he want's to do it watch telly!


Love the ps1 styled Horror Vibes on this one im still looking for more endings XD looks like i got the bad one But overall its a pretty Cool and good Game Love it<3

Thanks for playing! It was intentional to make it this dark so you need the flashlight to be able to see things ;). Try to get the good ending though! :D

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